Items must be unopened and within their best-before or use-by date.
Items most needed:

  • Packs of bottled water (600ml)
  • Cup a Soup
  • Cup-a-Noodles
  • Ready-made pasta sauces in jars
  • Dry pasta; spaghetti, macaroni, penne are most popular
  • Dry rice noodles
  • UHT milk 1 litre, full cream, low fat, skim and lactose free
  • UHT milk alternatives: oat, almond, soy
  • UHT small flavoured milks
  • Spreads: vegemite, peanut butter, jam, honey
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Tea bags, instant coffee & herbal tea bags
  • Nesquik, Milo or hot chocolate mix
  • Muesli bars
  • Mixed nuts and trail mixes
  • Mixed dried fruit
  • Canned tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey
  • Canned soups
  • Canned baked beans & spaghetti
  • Canned vegetables: green beans, carrots, corn, peas, potatoes, mushrooms
  • Canned fruit: peaches, pears, fruit salad
  • Heinz Big & Chunky meals in a can range
  • Tom Piper Braised Steak & Onion in a can
  • Fray Bentos Steak & Gravy or Steak & Kidney pie in a can range
  • Shelf-stable meals (food that can be stored at room temperature, vacuum sealed)