Please find below today’s COVID-19 update for UnitingSA Residential Aged Care.

Our latest update includes situation summaries for Seaton, West Lakes, Hawksbury Gardens and Wesley House Aged Care.


Positive case/s: 11
Exposure details: All COVID-positive residents have been moved into one section of the home, and are isolating in their rooms.
Site status: All of Seaton Aged Care remains closed to visitors.
Testing: Three new cases were detected in PCR testing undertaken yesterday. Another round of PCR testing for all residents will be undertaken tomorrow.


Positive case/s: Four
Exposure details: There are two COVID-positive residents located in Para wing, and two COVID-positive residents in Gawler wing. Three residents have been cleared.
Site status: Both the Para and Gawler wings remain open to visitors, with the COVID-positive residents safely isolating in their rooms. Hawksbury Gardens Aged Care continues to be open to visitors.
Testing: One resident returned a positive result from the PCR testing undertaken yesterday. All residents will undertake PCR testing again tomorrow.


Positive case/s: Nine
Exposure details: There are four COVID-positive residents in Semaphore wing, one in Jervois wing and four in Falie wing.
Site status: Falie East wing is now closed to visitors. A small area in Semaphore wing also continues to remain closed. The resident in Jervois wing is isolating in their room.
Testing: All residents will undertake PCR testing again tomorrow.


Positive case/s: Three
Exposure details: There are no new COVID cases, and a resident on Level 1 has been cleared. Two COVID-positive residents are located on Level 1, and one resident is situated on Level 3.
Site Status: All COVID-positive residents are isolating in their rooms. The rest of Level 1 and Level 3, and the remainder of UnitingSA West Lakes Aged Care, is open to visitors.
Testing: PCR testing is being undertaken for Level 1 and 3 residents on Saturday.

We will provide a further update to on Monday. If you have any questions please speak to a member of your care team.

Contact details for all of our Aged Care homes can be found on our Contact page.

Thank you for your ongoing support and have a lovely weekend.