Young People
Between 10 and 25

How can we help?

UnitingSA is all about giving young people information, advocacy and support to overcome challenges. We’re here to listen without judgement and re-connect you with your community.

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If you are a young person experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness, visit our Homelessness Services page to find out how we can help.


What can we do?

Our down-to-earth team provide services to help you:

  • Get back into learning or training
  • Feel connected with your local community
  • Get involved in group-based programs
  • Access other community services and support
  • Develop practical life skills
  • Brush up on reading and writing
  • Talk with the people around you

For young people between 10 and 25

Our URBAN Youth program ensures young people are heard and supported to assist them to confront life’s challenges with interactive group-based programs, case management services, onsite and outreach support around metropolitan Adelaide.

Call us on 1800 714 051

Our friendly staff are available weekdays from 9am – 5pm to tell you more.

Download a brochure here.

UnitingSA Young People

Want to get back into learning?

Our Flexible Learning Options program can help young people get back into learning, training and exploring employment pathways.

Call us on (08) 8281 4137

Our friendly staff are available weekdays from 9am – 5pm to tell you more.

Download a brochure here.

Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.

UnitingSA relies on the generosity of donors to help deliver innovative programs and support for people in need across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

“I was in such a dark place for years and my mental health issues meant I couldn’t see anything straight. With the help of my support worker, I started to feel comfortable in my own skin and now I am even working again. I will always remember how I recovered with the help I received through UnitingSA.”

Received support from Mental Health Services