UnitingSA and its supported employment arm Wesley Social Enterprises (WSE) use social media to communicate and engage with the general public, stakeholders and the people we work alongside. Our content, interactions and engagement via social media will express our vision, mission and values at all times.

We encourage the use of social media for sharing experiences and constructive opinions regarding our work and services.

Community Guidelines are to be followed by any social media user posting, interacting or engaging with UnitingSA or WSE social media accounts. The aim of the guidelines is to create a safe environment, free of abusive, inaccurate and inappropriate content.

Any user must also comply with the terms and conditions, including the privacy policies of the social media site in use. We encourage users to review these terms, conditions and policies in detail.

When posting, interacting and engaging with UnitingSA or WSE social media accounts, we ask that users:

  • Be respectful;
  • Do not post material or use language that is abusive, inaccurate and inappropriate at our discretion;
  • Do not post material, or interact in a way that is discriminatory or defamatory to others;
  • Do not make unproven or unsupported accusations against other individuals or organisations;
  • Protect theirs, and others privacy by not sharing unnecessary personal information (e.g. phone numbers, address, emails);
  • Represent their own views and do not impersonate or falsely represent any other person;
  • Keep commentary relevant to the topic or post;
  • Avoid posting or engaging in any activity that may violate local, state or commonwealth laws or regulations (including material that infringes copyright, trademark or other IP rights);
  • Do not post or share online spam, promote commercial interests or share unsolicited advertising.

UnitingSA and WSE will edit or delete any material that violates these Community Guidelines, and reserves the right to block or ban the user/s involved from future interactions with UnitingSA or WSE social media accounts. We also reserve the right to report users to the relevant authorities if necessary.

UnitingSA and WSE social media accounts are moderated from Monday to Friday during business hours. We will do our best to moderate and respond quickly to any comments, feedback, suggestions and enquiries. Any enquiries regarding our services will be directed to an appropriate UnitingSA staff member to respond, or we will provide you with contact details for the relevant service that may be able to assist.

Although we regularly moderate our social media accounts, UnitingSA and WSE cannot be held responsible for material posted by other users.

We are unable to answer individual questions of a personal nature on social media. Material posted by UnitingSA and WSE is for reference only and in no way constitutes professional advice. Users should seek the direct advice of a professional regarding any particular issues or queries.

Any information collected via UnitingSA and WSE social media accounts will be managed in accordance with our Information Management Policy and Privacy Policy.

These Community Guidelines may be updated at any time.