Aged Care Fees

Fees & charges explained

What you pay for Residential Aged Care can be broken down into three key areas.

Basic Daily Fee
Everyone pays this fee which covers day-to-day services such as laundry, cleaning and meals. It is 85% of the single basic Age Pension.


Additional Services Fee*
Covers additional benefits our homes provide as part of our ‘Lifestyle Package’ such as enhanced food and entertainment options.

*Applies to new residents only from 1 January 2024

(when applicable)

A government-assessed additional fee that you may be required to pay towards your care based on the outcome of your aged care income and assets test. Annual and lifetime caps apply.

(when applicable)

Covers the cost of your room and is dependent on the aged care facility you are moving into. The amount payable is also based on the outcome of your aged care income and assets test.

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
A lump sum amount that is refunded when you leave care.

Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
A daily payment that is not refunded when you leave care.

Combination of RAD + DAP
Any combination of lump sum and daily payment. You can choose to draw your daily payment from your paid lump sum.

Use the Combination Payment Calculator below to get an estimate of your daily payment when choosing this payment option.

Combination Payment Calculator

By choosing your preferred Aged Care home and room type, you can use this calculator to get an estimate of what your Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) would be when using the combination payment option for your accommodation fees.

The calculator is based on the current maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR) of 8.34% set by the government.

This tool is to be used as a guide only and we encourage you to seek independent financial advice.

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ACAT Assessment Process

Before you can move into a Residential Aged Care community or access Respite Care, you’ll need to apply for what’s known as an ACAT assessment.

This is arranged by My Aged Care, an information service run by the Australian Government.

Check out our ACAT support page for more advice. Here we aim to answer all your questions and guide you through the process.

If you would prefer to meet in person, get in touch to request an appointment.

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