Escaping Violence Payment

Escaping Violence Payment

The Escaping Violence Payment (EVP) program is available to people experiencing violence from their partners.

This includes violent or threatening behaviour that is:

  • Physically, verbally or sexually abusive
  • Emotionally, spiritually or psychologically abusive
  • Economically abusive
  • Threatening, coercive, or seeks to control or dominate the other person

How it works.

If you are looking to leave a violent partner, or have recently left, and you are struggling with the finances to live your life in safety, you could be eligible for:

  • Up to $1,500 in cash (or cash equivalent based on your needs and preferences)
  • Up to $3,500 in goods and services such as removalists, bonds or basics for a new home
  • Time limited support including case work and assistance to connect you with support services and pathways

The payment will be customised for you, based on your personal needs. You do not need to be connected to UnitingSA to access the program. If you’re already working with a family violence support service, talk to them about what to do next.

Need help now?

If you are experiencing family violence and need immediate support or advice, call 1800 RESPECT or the 24 hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line on 1800 800 098 and they will let you know what you can do.

If you are in a situation of danger now, please call 000.

Accessing the EVP Program

The payment is available if you are:

  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident or holder of a protected special category visa living in Australia
  • 18 years or over
  • experiencing financial stress and have not accessed EVP in the last 12 months, and
  • planning to change or have changed your living arrangements within the last 12 weeks due to intimate partner violence.

All of the requirements detailed here must be met in order to be eligible.

For more information about accessing the program, call 1800 EVP EVP (1800 387 387) or visit the Uniting Vic.Tas website.

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