Please find below our latest Covid-19 update for Seaton, West Lakes, Hawksbury Gardens and Wesley House Aged Care.

Please note, visitor restrictions remain in place at all UnitingSA Residential Aged Care homes. Families and friends have been reminded to contact the home between 8.30am and 4pm on  weekdays to pre-book their visit. Those involved in the Partners in Care initiative are able to continue providing support to residents in isolation. For more information, please speak to a member of your care team.


Positive case/s: 13
Exposure details: There are six Covid-positive residents on Level 1, five on Level 2 and two on Level 3.
Site Status: Level 1 remains closed until further notice. All Covid-positive residents are isolating in their rooms. Residents on Level 2 and 3 are also isolating in their rooms. The remainder of Levels 2 and 3 are open.
Testing: Three new positive cases were detected. Two residents on Level 2 were detected through PCR testing undertaken yesterday, while one resident on Level 1 has tested positive through Rapid Antigen Testing. Another round of PCR testing will be undertaken tomorrow.


Positive case/s: 12
Exposure details: All Covid-positive residents remain in one section of the home and continue to isolate in their rooms.
Site status: All of Seaton Aged Care remains closed to visitors.
Testing: Two new cases were detected through PCR testing undertaken yesterday. Three residents have now been cleared. Another round of PCR testing will be undertaken tomorrow.


Positive case/s: One
Exposure details: The Covid-positive resident is located in Gawler wing and remains isolating in their room.
Site status: All of Hawksbury Gardens Aged Care is open to visitors.
Testing: There are no further positive cases to report. PCR testing is being undertaken again today.


Positive case/s: Nine
Exposure details: There are three Covid-positive residents in Semaphore wing, two in Jervois wing and four in Falie wing.
Site status: Falie East wing remains closed to visitors. A small area in Semaphore wing is also closed. The residents in Jervois wing are isolating in their rooms. The rest of these wings, and the remainder of Wesley House Aged Care, is open to visitors.
Testing: There was one new positive case detected from results that were pending late yesterday. The Covid-positive case is a resident in Jervois wing. A further round of PCR testing has been undertaken today.