Please find below our latest Covid-19 update for Seaton, West Lakes, Hawksbury Gardens, Wesley House and Westminster Village Aged Care.


Positive case/s: 17
Exposure details: Two Covid-positive residents on Level 2 have now been cleared. There are four Covid-positive residents on Level 1, ten on Level 2, and three on Level 3.
Site Status: Level 1 and Level 2 remain closed to visitors. The Level 3 Covid-positive residents are isolating in their rooms. The rest of Level 3 is open to visitors.
Testing: PCR testing was undertaken yesterday and the majority of results have returned negative. A small number of results are still pending. PCR testing will be undertaken for all floors tomorrow.


Positive case/s: 11
Exposure details: There are nine Covid-positive residents in the Light wing, and two positive residents in Bingham.
Site status: Light wing remains closed to visitors until further notice. Both residents in Bingham wing are isolating in their room. The rest of Hawksbury Gardens Aged Care remains open.
Testing: The last round of PCR testing on Monday detected three positive cases. Two were residents in Light wing, and one is a resident in Bingham wing. Residents in Light, Bingham and Burton wings will undertake PCR testing today.


Positive case/s: Nine
Exposure details: Two residents in Jervois wing and one in Semaphore wing have now been cleared. There are now eight positive residents in Jervois wing, and one positive resident in Falie wing.
Site status: Jervois wing remains closed. The Falie wing resident is isolating in their room. The rest of Wesley House Aged Care is open to visitors.
Testing: There were two positive cases detected through PCR testing undertaken on Monday. One was in Falie wing and the other is a resident in Jervois wing. PCR testing will be undertaken for all residents today.


Positive case/s: 0
Exposure details: There are no new cases to report.
Site status: Seaton Aged Care is now open.
Testing: One result from yesterday’s PCR testing is pending. All other results are negative. Family and friends are reminded that visitor restrictions apply. Further information is listed below.


Positive case/s: Five
Exposure details: There are four Covid-positive residents in Semaphore wing and one Covid-positive resident in West Beach wing.
Site status: Semaphore wing remains closed. The rest of the Westminster Village Aged Care is open.
Testing: Some results are still pending from the PCR testing undertaken yesterday. All results received so far have been negative.

The following visitor restrictions remain in place at all UnitingSA Residential Aged Care:

  • A limit of two visitors per day, with a single visit of up to one hour
  • All visits must:
    • Be pre-booked with your home’s reception via phone or email between 8.30am and 4pm weekdays;
    • Take place between 10am and 4pm daily, or 6pm to 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Occur in the resident’s room or an outdoor area.

Families and friends who are part of our Partners in Care initiative are able to continue providing support to residents who are in isolation due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact your home directly to discuss the details of your care visit.

Contact details for all of our Aged Care homes can be found on our Contact page.