As COVID-19 case numbers in South Australia continue to rise, we are responding to exposures across a number of our Residential Aged Care homes.

To support timely and consistent communication to residents, families and friends, going forward we will be combining our site-based updates into a singular communication.

As per below, this combined update will include a situation summary for each of our impacted Residential Aged Care homes, incorporating the most pertinent information.


Positive case/s: Four
Exposure details: Three COVID-positive residents are located in the Para wing, while one resident is in the Gawler wing.
Site status: The Para wing remains closed, and a resident in the Gawler wing is isolating in their room. The remainder of the Gawler wing, and the rest of Hawksbury Gardens Aged Care, remains open to visitors.
Testing: PCR testing is being undertaken for all residents today.


Positive case/s: Eight
Exposure details: Five COVID-positive residents are located in the Semaphore wing, while two residents are in the Lipson wing and one is in Jervois.
Site status: A small zone within the Semaphore wing is closed to visitors, while COVID-positive residents in the Jervois and Lipson wings remain isolating in their rooms. The rest of Wesley Aged Care remains open to visitors.
Testing: PCR testing was undertaken for Semaphore and Lipson residents yesterday. Jervois wing residents will undertake PCR testing tomorrow.


Positive case/s: Five
Exposure details: All COVID-positive residents are located on Level 3.
Site Status: A small zone on Level 3 is closed to visitors. The rest of Level 3 and the remainder of UnitingSA West Lakes Aged Care remains open to visitors.
Testing: PCR testing is being undertaken for Level 3 residents today.


Positive case/s: 10, following the clearance of 11 residents earlier today
Exposure details: Four COVID-positive residents are located in the Largs wing, while one is in West Beach, one is in Henley Beach, three are in Tennyson and one is in Grange.
Site Status: All of Westminster Village Aged Care remains closed to visitors.
Testing: PCR testing will be undertaken for all residents tomorrow.

The following visitation rules will remain in place until further notice:

  • A limit of two visitors per day, with a single visit of up to one hour
  • All visits must:
    • Be pre-booked with your home’s reception via phone or email between 8.30am and 4pm weekdays
    • Take place between 10am and 4pm daily, or 6pm to 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Occur in the resident’s room or an outdoor area

We will continue to provide regular updates. For more information, please speak to a member of your care team.

We’d like to thank you all for your understanding and support during this time.