This afternoon the State Government announced significant changes to its COVID-19 response, including the early conclusion of South Australia’s six-day lockdown.

The lockdown – which was originally due to conclude on Tuesday – will now end at 11:59pm on Saturday evening. At this time, many of the restrictions in place prior to the lockdown will return, along with further measures.

While UnitingSA welcomes this announcement, we remain acutely aware that SA’s COVID-19 outbreak continues to pose a significant community health threat, with 25 cases confirmed, including three new infections today.

Therefore, as a precautionary measure, UnitingSA will maintain our current service and working arrangements until close of business on Tuesday 24 November.

This means:

  • Only essential face-to-face services will be provided, with non-essential support delivered over the phone where possible
  • Only sites delivering critical essential support will remain open to the public, including our Homelessness and Emergency Relief centres in Port Adelaide
  • Our Residential Aged Care homes will stay closed to all visitors, excluding agreed end-of-life visits
  • Supported Employment, delivered through our Wesley Social Enterprises, will remain suspended
  • Staff will continue to wear a face mask when delivering care and support

A further review of UnitingSA’s COVID-19 response, and a subsequent communication update, will occur ahead of Tuesday to ensure our community are aware of our plans going forward.

By this time we hope to have received formal advice from the State Government regarding a range of matters, including Residential Aged Care restrictions.

We look forward to returning to our full program of services as soon as possible, but it is critical – for the safety of the entire UnitingSA community – that we act with great caution.

I look forward to providing you with a further update early next week. Until this time, please stay safe and take good care of one another.

For more COVID-19 advice, including the latest hotspots, please visit