To the children participating in this year’s ‘Important to Me’ Art Exhibition, their creative drawings represent expressions of family, love, hopes, and dreams.

A key event in UnitingSA’s Communities for Children program, the colourful exhibition features 37 children aged up to five, sharing what matters most to them.

The online exhibition is presented every year during National Families Week and the International Day of Families on 15 May.

Jasmine, 4, sits with her mum Sam and shows her 'Important to Me' artwork

Jasmine, 4, with her mum Sam

One of the artists, four-year-old Jasmine, said she drew her Mum with a rainbow because she knows how much her mum likes rainbows, while three-year-old Tully chose to draw a picture of their dog, Delphi, surrounded by other dogs.

Isaiah, pictured below with his mum Emily, drew numbers to express that being able to count was important to him.

In fact, according to his mum, his exact words were it was important to him that he could “count all his Hot Wheels cars and remember how many he has”.

Isaiah, 4, sits with his mum Emily and shows her 'Important to Me' artwork

Isaiah, 4, with his mum Emily

Emily said she wasn’t too surprised.

“He’s been counting since he was one year old. He is awesome at numbers. He even knows my mobile number,” she said.

Emily said she was very happy that Isaiah had the chance to participate in an activity like the Important to Me art exhibition, so he could feel proud of himself and have a sense of achievement.

“I want him to be able to say “I did that” and “you chose that” and realise it is an accomplishment,” Emily said.

UnitingSA Community Development Facilitator, Carolyn Woodward said Isaiah, Jasmine and Tully’s art works were just some examples of how all the children involved have expressed their feelings, interests, and aspirations.

“They really are the experts in their own lives, so it is wonderful to have this public display of what is important to them,” Carolyn said.

“They bring such joy and understanding. We thank all the little artists and their families for sharing their artwork and their stories in this way.”

'Important to Me' exhibition artwork by Tully, 3

Artwork from the exhibition by Tully, 3

The ‘Important to Me’ exhibition is available for viewing online.

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